What is epoxy Flooring

what is epoxy and how does it work

epoxy is a set of materials that is combined together to form a durable surface for flooring.

Epoxy is a term that we use to refer to a class of certain organic or inorganic materials when combined form a durable surface perfect for floors. The resulting material is applied to a concrete foundation and forms high-performance, chemical resistant, durable, affordable flooring that can be fully customised to meet your needs. We can even use different types of mixing methods to give unique features to ensure that your specific needs can be met.  Epoxy flooring can used in many areas such as your home, business or industrial settings. So whether you are looking for a beautiful entrance to a home or a practical solution to a problem, get in touch with us to find the solution.

just some Benefits of epoxy flooring

Non Flammable

Fast Cure Time


Low Maintenance

Spill Resistant



Saves Times


Eco Friendly

different types of epoxy flooring

an extensive list of epoxy flooring types exist to meet your specific requirements

We provide a vast array of Epoxy Flooring options to suit your specific requirements. We refer to the different types of Epoxy Floors options as systems. Each system has a unique blend of materials that in turn give unique properties, this leads to a wide variety of choices. One system for example may be smooth and slippery which is perfect for an industrial setting but not ideal for a commercial kitchen. Another system could then provide non-slip to suit that requirement but would in turn not be practical for a kitchen. Different types of floor finishes serve different purposes. A residential client for example may simply be seeking to have a beautiful colourful flooring throughout the home that is low maintenance and durable alternative to tiling. A business may require a spill resistance yet non-slip for their commercial kitchen. Industrial client may be seeking a smooth non slip surface for easy movement of heavy objects such as forklifts.


Popular epoxy flooring solutions

Flake Systems

Very decorative choice made up of flake chips sprinkled under a tough clear coat. Visually appealling and with a large range of colours we can help you achieve almost any look.

Self Levelling

Upon pouring, this epoxy system uses gravity to form a smooth, level and glossy texture without the use of tools. The smooth surface is perfect for industries that require movement of heavy materials or vehicles such as forklifts.

metallic system


Flat Colours


Matrix Systems

Commonly used in the commercial and industrial sector due to its extremley durable, non-slip and spillage resistance properties. Common applications include kitchens, bars, cold-rooms and the service industry.

Quartz Sand

The addition of quartz sands provides a level of non-slip properties which is essential for areas such as a commercial kitchen. 

Granite hyper flake




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